If you wish to do the games yourself

  This pack of games and puzzles is available for you to purchase, and is yours to keep.

  The pack contains a total of 16 games and puzzles, complete with full instructions.


This pack will contain the following games, and everything needed to play them.

  26 puzzle                     Balancing nails puzzle              Pop the top          catch a finger





  shut the box                   Fit 4 puzzle                  numbers puzzle               Game of lists



    high/low game             balance game               Pyramid game                flip a cup


         grab it                       Spoons                         spinner


  The following games will also be included, free of charge, along with full instructions. However, you will need to provide the materials for playing the games. The materials required for each game will be listed, and all are easily and cheaply available.

blanket game            Tuppence relay           tennis ball fun    


THE COST.   This complete pack is available for £70, plus £10 postage and packing.

So £80 will get you a wide selection of games, which are yours to keep, and should provide hours of fun at any event or family party.

My suggestion is that you place one game on each table. Once everybody has had a go, the game can be swapped with a game from another table.

Please note, some of the games have small pieces which could be a choking hazard. None of the games are suitable for children under 5 years of age, and all other children should be supervised when playing the games.

  All of the games and puzzles should only be played in accordance with the instructions.

We cannot control the use of these games, therefore it is your responsibility to ensure they are used safely.

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